Rajabhat Dataset

AI Community Dataset


Student Dataset provides the useful information about the Rajabhat University students.

Open Courses

Student Dataset presents the number of the courses trends for each year.

Faculty & Staffs

Faculty performs with the efficiency on academic services and research.

Community Information

This research prefers using Artificial Intelligence (AI) via Rajabhat Dataset to classify the quality of community life (QoL)  with a Machine Learning approach. It predicts the QoL from the Rajabhat Dataset and describes the work of Rajabhat University at the end of this research.

describe Skills Identification:
English Score

This study aims to design a skills dataset and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the identification of the skills. In addition, it describes the abilities and expertise of a person in a specific area, such as strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the university can use these results to provide matched learning styles, training courses or materials, and even learning opportunities for their skills.

Rajabhat University Applicants

School Students apply to study at Rajabhat University every year. It presents the trends of studying and interesting of the particular education skills. 

Digital Literacy

IC3 and ICDL scores from Rajabhat University are the mainstream of working skills in this century.

Jobs & Markets

Opportunity for Rajabhat University student in the job market. Company are looking for the new skills and talents from Rajabhat University student to increase the household income .

"Rajabhat Dataset provide the sustainable Server for every Rajahat University.”

Rajabhat Dataset

Rajabhat dataset daily

Research Trends

 Rajabhat University contributes research and innovation to support the community products and knowledge transfering.